You can now and retrieve and use your Youzign graphics in Pindril, here is how:

1. Log into your Pindril account and click on the YOUZIGN TEMPLATES link from the left menu


2. Enter your Youzign API Public Key and Token in the spaces provided on the next page.


You can find your Youzign API Public Key and Token from your profile page while logged into Youzign. Once you've entered the details, click on the SAVE button.


3. Your Youzign graphics will automatically be retrieved and loaded in the app


4. Click on the EDIT icon that appears on the template on mouse hover and it will be loaded into the editor


5. After editing, click on SAVE and the image will be saved into your Pindril saved Images Gallery


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How do we tell what version of Youzign we have?

Hi Robert, 

We will add an indication soon. As of now Youzign has been upgraded to 2, which means all users are accessing the same version - version 2. Thanks!

I bought the Elite version via the link sent by Youzign, on the understanding that I would be able to use the integration with that version.

As @Gina Mindock says, it is important that people are aware of this before the purchase, not after.

I feel just a bit deceived. I have enjoyed Youzign until now, but will certainly think twice before buying anything via a link from here again!

so the infografic creator and video curator duplicate youzign is just more convenient?

Again a salespage that doesn't show the tool or what the tool is doing.

I have no idea what pindrill is

Based on my information from Pindrill you must upgrade to OTO1 to get access to edit images so if you only purchased the Elite version you NOT are able to edit images.

that's true.  I purchased it, so I am good to go. Important for people to know this but if they don't ungrade they can still do all their editing in Youzign just more time needs to be utilized.  Time is very hard to come by these days.

Youzign over delivering as usual. Best investment I ever made. Look forward to upgrading. You guys rock!