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I have installed the font I need. I have cleared all cache and still the font is not showing up in my Youzign System fonts. Any ideas how I can fix this?

Hi Joseph, 

This is actually possible, just install the fonts on your computer. Refresh Youzign (or clear browser cache - sometimes needed) , open the font dropdown in Youzign and look for the new installed fonts under 'System Fonts' group:


Please note that system fonts are not possible to be rotated because they are not embedded like our native fonts. I hope this helps. Thanks.

Can you please add the option for us to add our own fonts?

Canva premium allows this...

I would like this font added http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/berthold/akzidenz-grotesk-be/bold-extended/

Hi Joseph, 

I made a comment above, please check, thanks!

Hi all, I am using a system font, it DOES pick up one version of the font from system (syncopate bold) but it does not pick up the versions (syncopate regular) that I am using. Is this a known issue with a fix, or something I am getting wriing? - 

Hi Jamie, sorry for the inconvenience, but our font/text tool is quite limited so far, we are not able to detect font weights/versions for the systems fonts, thus we can't use their bold, light, or italic counterparts. I will take note of this and present it to the team for future development.

As a workaround for Syncopate Regular, you may use our font 'Crew 36' under Sans Serif.

Thank you.

Thanks, works perfectly fine.

Wonderful! You're welcome!

Hi Tolu, 

Sorry about the inconvenience however we can't add fonts to Youzign for now. You may use 'Furore' font instead: 

Or if you really need the Space Agency font, just download and install it to your PC and access it on Youzign from the 'System Font' list: 

Scroll down until you find Space Agency.