Trial/Subscription Change Request

Hello, I know this might sound like a strange request but i am going to ask anyway. I signed up for the 7 day trial. My trial runs out on the 10th I believe. I had every intention of purchasing the product when I signed up, that is the reason I also purchased the 1000 Templates. I have a little problem. Is there a way to put my account on like a pause on the 10th when my 7 day trial runs out? I had a surprise debit come out of my account and it has left me short. I get paid on the 12th and would like to go ahead to purchase the yearly subscription as planned. The reason I am asking is because I don't want to cancel on the 10th, and then turn around on the 12th and have to set up a new account and all that crap. If there is way to suspend or pause the transaction until the 12th, that would be ideal? I understand if your system is not set up to do this sort of thing, and if that's the case I will just cancel on the 10th, and sign back up on the 12th. I don't want to lose my templates though because I have already purchased those, and like I said I have every intention of picking up the yearly subscription so I have no intentions of asking for a refund on the templates. I just want to make sure they will still be available to me on the 12th when I sign back up? I hope this wasn't to confusing for you. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience so I know what I need to do by Tuesday so the transaction doesn't take place, unless of course there is some way of doing what I was trying to ask you. Please just let me know. Thank you.

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Ok, thank you

You're welcome John :)

Hi John, 

It should be fine because there is no need to create another account in case your trial expires before you can pay for the annual subscription. Your account will not be removed, you can still log in and download designs while your trial is expired. You can log back in to upgrade your account anytime. You may also contact our support at support@youzign.com if you need assistance when upgrading your account. Thank you!