Can not Open Account

Hi Youzign Team,

I was one of the first to get Youzign And got the Lifetime offer but now my account is closed. I thought I had life time, if not I am willing to pay because I Need it.

I have 2 different Account with Youzign. One of my accounts sayes Need new payment, which I did 3 times for $99.00 Yearly. It still doesnˋt work. [email hidden]

Also I Need to change this Email [email hidden] because I no longer have access to that Email.

Please HELP!!


Ed Rowland

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Hi Ed,

Thanks for getting in touch here. Please write to us at support@youzign.com with your purchase details and registered email. We will look into it ASAP. 

Also, I have hidden your email address as this forum is public. Feel free to let me know if anything...

Thanks and sincerely,