How to use the logo groups to create logos fast

You can now find ready-made logo layouts to use in Youzign.

1. Find the logos groups

Inside the Youzign editor, simply click on Graphics>Vector>Logos in the sidebar.

This will reveal a set of logo graphics like these. Simply click on the one you prefer to add it to the canvas. The lighter ones work best on darker backgrounds.

2. Customize the logo

First start by ungrouping the logo by clicking the ungroup button.

Then customize the text and the icon to match your brand. Make sure to use a matching color in the icon!

3. Save as a group

Finally save your logo as a group so you can reuse it anytime you need it! It will be saved under the Graphics>Groups category so you can retrieve it anytime in the Youzign editor.

4. (Optional) Download the logo to your desktop

To download the logo to your desktop with a transparent background, first remove any image background you may have and select the Transparent background option. 

Then resize the canvas area to fit your logo.

Finally download your logo to your desktop or use the Save button to save in your dashboard.

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