How to use the Curved Text Tool

Hi Youzigners!

Here are the quick steps on how to use the Curved Text tool :)

1. Login to the Youzign editor and click on Text tab from your Assets Library. 

2. Under the Text tab, select Curved from the two options

3. Click on "THIS TEXT IS CURVED" to load it on the canvas.

4. To resize the text box, simply grab a corner and adjust it to your desired size, or if you wish to move it, simply click on the text and drag it.

5. To edit the curved text, click on it and select Tt from the enabled control panel on the right. Here is where you can also edit the Font Style, Font Size, Text Angle and Text Spacing.

6. To change the Text Color, Adjust Opacity, Duplicate or Delete, simply select from the standard menu on the Control Panel.

If you wish to see a live demo of this feature, please click here. 

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Thanks Youzign team. Another brick in the wall. What's coming next? Give us a hint???

You're welcome Mark and thanks as well. I think the next feature we'll push is to allow users save their previews under their Uploads. 

Very Nice. Keep it up:)

Thanks Mohammed!

Thumb Up, keep it up getting better all the times.


Thanks Bizace, more features coming soon!

Thank you Bizace! :) 

I am totally thrilled! Thank you!

You're welcome Sandra!

Thank you Sandra! :)