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I record a design, but to edit it, not look anything

in my designs I choose this design:


but when the editing screen is displayed, the design appears completely changed (without background image, different fonts, some elements in another position etc). Then, can you see as shown in the editing window:


Can you recover for me, the correct original design, so that the editing, display it right?

Note: I have tried in Chrome (empty the cache) and Firefox. 2 occurs with the same problem

It is very important because otherwise I have to go back to repeat the recorded designs (not recorded well or reliably?)

It is urgent, thanks

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this problem already happened to me more times with youzing. I tried to edit and record on another tab (not where the desktop), but it seems that records everything ok, but after a while, when editing, some changes perdido¡ have, including fonts (in this case, your repair is valid, but again there are things that have been lost (the original background, and the font of WingChun). can you adjust my mind that this does not happen again and that working with youzing be more "reliable"? Thank you

Hi Francisco, I will take note of this. System Fonts usually have some issues in saving, especially if we make them bigger or if we rotate them - when we reopen they would look misplaced and distored. I would recommend you to just use Youzign fonts. We are working on optimizing our processes so that elements can be saved in a more reliable way. Thank you.

Hello Francisco, 

Sorry about the inconvenience. I have opened your design made some changes. I am not able to retrieve the old background you used so I tried to use other dark city street background instead:

I hope you like it. I reopened this design and the elements are saved properly. Please check when you get a chance. Thank you.