question about the affiliate program please

i went to the site https://youzign.com/jv and clicked the button Step 1: Get Affiliate Link. It takes me to a login page but I cannnot log in ... i tried my jvzoo login and also my youzign login .... what am I doing wrong please thanks

Brett Gurney


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yes i still encounter the issue ... so it sounds like this is a jvzoo thing .... i can log into my jvzoo account to look at my purchases .... but maybe there is a separate affiliate account? .... Come on you guys I just want to sell your product lol .... do i need to ask jvzoo? .... is there a separate affiliate account I need to create .. surely someone there knows the answer to this :(

Hi Brett, 

I was told that you can use your jvzoo account, log in first to your jvzoo before clicking the 'Step 1: Get Affiliate Link' button.

yes thats correct .... and then I end up here https://gyazo.com/ff22e8df256945f2197cb65b8c1492e3 

But what login goes there.... youzign? .. or jvzoo? .... i have a jvzoo "my purchases" account ... is this something else?

Thanks for the screenshot Brett, I was redirected to that as well. I will ask from the team if we need to sign up for this or what login details are needed here. Thank you.

Hi Brett, 

Do you still encounter the issue? Are you able to login using your JVzoo account on JVzoo's main login form?

Hi Brett, 

Sorry about the inconvenience. May I know if you have gone to the login page through this link? Do you still experience the issue?