trouble with import and integration

hello? I am trying to import design templates from Instant Social Branding by Graphics Mystic 

they said their designs can be integrated/imported into my designs in YouZign

but I keep getting this error see here http://www.screencast.com/t/8uhFKe1Ul

I want to upload their templates and edit them in YouZign.

can you help with this?   how do I do this?

In fact, I can not see how to upload any image into a new design template and 

no FAQ or instructions on how to do that either.  


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Hi Brian, 

I checked your account and you can now access the Instant Social Branding templates. You can find them under the templates page under this directory:

Please check when you get a chance. Thank you.

Hi Brian, 

Sorry about the inconvenience. Please email your request to support@youzign.com , include your email and purchase details(if possible). This way we can handle your details privately. We will send the templates to your account once we have received the details. Thank you.