Can't save or save as - hangs forever - tried different browsers (firefox black screen)

Saving has always been a problem with long hangs - but now it won't save at all, just spins and spins and spins.

Before it would take up to 2 minutes to save anything (took me hours to do just one image because of saving slack) - now just sucks.

Was using Chrome - also tried Firefox but just get black screen when opening a new design.

After all these years - it shouldn't be that hard to do it right.  I am soooo frustrated.  

Anyone use another similar program that works?  I am assuming this problem will be 'In Process' for over a year like all the other ones.

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Hi Kim, 

Sorry about the inconvenience of the saving process. Saving works well on my end, I can save a design in less than a minute. Are you uploading large images to your designs? What type of format/size do you usually work on? Also, please install/update your Flash player if you want to design using Firefox. Thank you.