Can I Get The Most Current Version Of Youzign?

Hi Youzign Support Team,

   I purchased Youzign 1.0 on 2/18/15. I know that since then you have had several updates. I have rarely ever used my Youzign software but now I am getting more interested in it & want to start using it more & more.

   I was watching some video tutorials on Youtube & noticed that most of them showed a completely different face for the software than I have in my version. So, I assume they are using more updated versions of Youzign.

   So, can you please send me a link where I can get the most current version of Youzign? Also, I have purchased Dropmock & several other softwares that you have integrated into Youzign. How can I know which ones you have integrated & how can I get those same integrations?

   Thank you so much for your help & patience. Stay well.

Warm regards,

Lawrence Rosenberg


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That is the interface that I see. So I guess I DO have the most current version of Youzign! Thank you so very much!

Warm regards,

Lawrence Rosenberg

Yes Lawrence, you got the latest version. You're welcome! Happy Youzigning! For more details and webinars about the new features, you may check our support pages: http://support.youzign.com/s1-general/knowledgebase .

Hi Lawrence, 

I am glad to know that you wanted to use and see how the new Youzign works. I believe you are already in an updated version. In fact, the hosted Youzign editor is already in it's updated version. If you see this interface when opening Youzign then we can be sure your editor is already updated:

Let me know how it goes. Thank you! :)