You can retrieve and insert your Youzign designs inside Smartmockups using our integration. Here is how to do it. 

1. Login into your Smartmockups account. Go to Integrations menu under File.

2. Fill out the pop-up window with your Youzign Public API key and Token.

You can get these details from your Youzign Profile page:


3. After successfully connecting your Youzign account to Smartmockups, you can now access your Youzign designs inside it.

4. Click on the Youzign tab and select the design you want to showcase in your chosen mockup.

5. After selecting design, click on Select at the bottom right corner.

6. You can choose to crop your design and continue.

7. That's it! You now have your mockup design with Smartmockups and Youzign! :)

By the way, we have added a Smartmockups format inside Youzign: 

Inside the Smartmockups category are the following formats. This will help you secure exact dimensions for your mockups.


Some mockups are in landscape so while designing in Youzign, you might need to use the Custom size and switch the values of width and height of your design to match up with the landscape alignment.

Thank you! :3

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