You can retrieve and insert your Youzign designs inside EasyVSL using our integration. Here is how to do it. 

1. Load up your EasyVSL desktop app and choose New VSL or choose from your existing VSL drafts.

2. Choose the format you wish to use for your VSL and click OK to proceed.

3. Select the design you wish to use for your slides and click Next on the top right corner.

4. Inside the VSL editor, click on the image button to open up the image library.

5. Choose My Images, then Settings to integrate your Youzign account.

6. Enter your Youzign API Key and Token (you can get these keys from your Youzign profile page)


7. Your Youzign designs will now be accessible inside your EasyVSL media library.

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It says credential invalid.. ?

Hi Lovely,

Sorry for the delay in responding here.
May I know if you used the public API and token? Also, please make sure that you don't include spaces when you copy and paste them.

Thanks and feel free to let me know how it goes!