How to install (or update) Gifzign on PC

1. Go to the Gifzign Dashboard

2. Click on the Download button 

Important Note: Before you proceed,should you still have a previous version of Gifzign on your PC, you may want to uninstall it first to avoid any error or issues upon installation. 

3. Open the .zip

4. Go to your Downloads folder and right-click on Gifzign.exe and select on Open or Run as administrator.

You may also see an alert window preventing you to open the app. It's important to take note of this step as sometimes Windows detect the installer as an app that comes from an unknown developer.

So you can just click on the pop up message and click Run Anyway.

5. Wait for the application to Install and follow through the steps.

6. Choose your installation preferences and click on Continue

Gifzign makes use of Adobe Air. Click on I Agree to proceed. 

7. That's all for the installation! Next step is to activate your copy of Gifzign

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After downloading I dont see the ping pong effect anymore

Hi there, 

Is the pingpong effect not working even on the 'Preview' window or the finished GIF?