How to activate your copy of Gifzign

Once you have downloaded and installed Gifzign, you will need to activate your copy using your API key. This allows you to receive new features, fixes and updates for Gifzign.

Note: you may only install and activate Gifzign on two computers you own maximum. 

1. Go to the Gifzign Dashboard

2. Copy your API key

3. Open the Gifzign Software on your computer and enter your API key to activate it

Note: you may only activate Gifzign on two computers you own. 

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can I remove a device from the activated ones and activate the software in another one? 

example: I install the software in 2 PCs, later I would remove one of them and install in another different PC. Is it possible?

Hi Luca,

Thanks for asking! This functionality is not available yet, but we'll include this in the next release of the desktop app.


@Luca: Gifzign tech support can correct me if my understanding of how an API key works is incorrect. My computer scientist husband just explained it to me. My understanding of how it works is that if you "regenerate" your API key and get a new one (different from the one you originally used), and you enter that, with your example, into the different PC, then that new one will work. NOTE: as I cannot see in Gifzign the feature to just add, or change the API activation key then this may also make your second one that you desire to stay, not work as you now have a new API key. A way around this could be to uninstall this other version of Gifzign and reinstall it, thereby forcing it to ask you for an activation key. Just a thought. <3

I am facing the same problem... I too downloaded and installed the latest update and I am being asked to reactivate the program again on the same computer that it was already activated on, each and every time I access the Gifzign program on the same computer. Is it that the Gifzign client software is using the "key" as a password which we have to enter every time we try to use the software?

Could you please help? I'd rather not have to login to the online site or try and "memorize" a long key like this just so as to login to the software. 

Miheer Shah
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Hi Miheer, 

Sorry for this late response. Do you still get the issue of being asked of the activation key each time you update the software?

No we don't use activation key as passwords, only as an 'installation pass' and to limit the installs to only 2 devices. You don't need to memorize the key, just copy and paste it to the API textfield.

Thank you.

I just finished installing. After I activated, I got this.

Hi Rosalee, you may start loading videos through the plus button. Once the videos are loaded the editor will start

I have the same issue blank software. Not only that I tried to upload my own video perhaps it will do the trick but I can't even upload mp4 video.   So I deleted the software and reinstalled it again it didn't even ask for API key.

Hi Amara, 

I made a response in your post here: , please check. Thank you.

after all that it doesn't activate , but shows Empty device ID OK? what do I do?

Hi bentov, 

Sorry about the late response. The developers are still working on the issue. We will get back to you. Thank you for your patience. 

I downloaded and installed the latest update and had to reactivate the program again on the same computer that it was already activated on my activations now show that I have used up my two activations on one computer what happens now if there are any more updates? I also have another computer I want to install this on will I be able to still do this? What is the regeneration button for?