How to turn a Youtube or Vimeo video into a GIF

1. Go to the Youtube/Vimeo video of your choice and copy the link in your browser address bar

2. Open Gifzign

3. Click on the big + button (top left)

4. Paste the Youtube/Vimeo link

5. Click on Beam Me!

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Hi everyone, 

I am sorry for the inconvenience but there is no fix on the Youtube/Vimeo URLs yet. The developers are still looking into the issue. It is working on my end though. Long videos would take more loading time than shorter ones.

The common cause is the antivirus or any firewall blocking some of the components of Gifzign, probably the ones accessing linked videos and those for rendering GIFs.

We will update soon when a fix is ready.

Pasted youtube link - nothing happened

i am having the same problems - paste youtube link - nothing happened?


for some reason I cant load any videos. any solutions.

i have followed the instruction.