How to turn a .mp4 video into a GIF

Gifzign makes it easy to convert mp4 videos into a GIF. Follow the steps below.

1. Go to Gifzign

2. Click on the big + button (top left)

3. Select your mp4 video

4. That's it your video will be converted to a GIF and loaded into the Gifzign Editor.

Note: if your video is another format than mp4 please convert it to mp4 first using your preferred video software or an online video converters like


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2 replies

Had already compressed as is suggested in the help file - however the compressed 10 second gif is still 8 times larger than the original entire MP4

Hi Bea,

May I know the size of the video? (ex 640x360, 1080, 720, etc.)

Hi just checking please - tested on an MP4 short video - the resulting 10 second gif (HD) is 15 times the size of the entire original video.
Have searched documentation and tutorials and note the HD comments - however for this purpose the other options made the gif far too grainy for its purpose.
Is there a workaround or are you looking at options for HD and compression?


Hi Bea, 

I got this noted. We will consider adding a compression process for GIFs in the future. For now you may use online tools in compressing GIF file sizes, please check this article: , thank you.