Overview of the editor dashboard

Once you have activated Gifzign you will be presented with the Gifzign Editor Dashboard.

From here you can:

- view a list of all your GIFs: note, your GIFS are also saved in your Documents>MyGIFs folder on your computer.
- create a new GIF: see the conversion options here
- preview a GIF: opens a looping preview of your GIF in a popup
- delete a GIF: deletes your GIF permanently
- download your GIF: save your GIF to your desktpp
- add a mockup frame to your GIF

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@John: thanks for letting us know that the feature to edit our gif is coming. How long away do you see that feature being added? It has done my head in for some hours on HOW to EDIT once I have created and saved my gif. I have created 2, wanted to edit, and accidentally DELETED both of them in my search for an edit button/link. oh well, back to the drawing board.

Hi Serenity, 

Sorry about that experience. We will be adding this feature probably next month.

It would be better to present it in a video

It would be great if you made it possible go back and edit a video from the dashboard, it is something that's coming?

Hi Kim, 

This feature is already in our plans, but I think we will be editing it as a GIF and not a video since it has been exported/created already. We will update soon. Thank you.