How to create cinemagraphs in Gifzign

Version 1.0.15

Tip: Setting the loop to Pingpong gives a smooth transition for repetitive/looping animations.

1. Click on the Cinemagraph tab.

2. Drag the yellow S tab to set the start of the GIF or the orange E tab to set the end.

3. Drag the blue Square tab to set your Still Image. The still image is the stationary/inanimate frame which will be used in the cinemagraph.

4. Click the Eye Icon in the Still image section to show the still image over the video/animation.

5. Show the Mask by clicking the Eye Icon in Masking section. The Mask will apply a reddish color over the still image.

6. Use the Erase tool to erase the part of the still image that you want motion to appear. In the example above, I am erasing the roads in the still image.

7. Use the Brush tool to paint over or cover the unwanted motions or parts you mistakenly erased. Notice that I paint over the sky when I mistakenly erased that part.

8. Turn off the Mask by clicking the Eye Icon again and click the Play button to check.

9. Click the Preview (Eye icon) beside the Save button to check the overall animation (including the loop type).

10. Click Save when done.

Note: you may apply additional effects like mirroring, filters or even mockups to your cinemagraphs.

Enjoy! : )

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Hello everyone, 

In line with the current update to version 1.0.15, we have updated this tutorial.

Please check when you get a chance.

Thank you.

Hi Simon, 

With the new Update 1.0.9, there has been a slight change on the way we create the cinemagraph. Click the Eye icon to show the Still image. While it is visible, you can then erase parts of it to show the video behind it.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have further questions.

We will create a video tutorial soon probably once we already added the upcoming features for cinemagraph.

Thank you.

Thanks John, your response is helpful. I suggest that the development team takes a fresh look at gifzign, as the way it works now is confusing, at least to someone learning to use the program.

1. The blue S is for SCENE, whereas the yellow S is for Start.

2. Second Masking button:  OFF means that the Eraser works and ON means the Brush works. I find this confusing.

I am becoming more familiar with making Cinemagraphs and as the saying goes "practice makes perfect".



Hi Simon, 

Yes, we will be changing the blue S into an image icon. Also for the masking and brush features we will provide separate buttons for these.

We will update soon. Thanks!

Hi John, I've not used the Cinemagraph part of Gifzign for a few months and went to use it only to be left confused with the changes that have taken place since I last used it. I love Gifzign and use it every week to create animated GIFs. I've also promote and have created several video tutorials on my YouTube channel.

Recently, I referred Gifzign to someone who recently purchased it, and when they watched my tutorials, they told me that my instructions didn't work. So I went to check it out and indeed there were some changes that have taken place.

I agree Simon in terms of it being confusing the way it's currently set up. The blue button for a still image is a bit confusing as well. Earlier you could just use the yellow Start button to place it where I wanted to take a still image and then click on the eye icon to take the still image. This to me was very straight forward and didn't need to be changed.

However, the more confusing part is the brush icon. Currently, the way it's been set up is that you need to turn it off (or at least it seems that way) to unmask the still image. I liked the way it was originally set up. That is, it turns orange when the brush is activated and use it to unmask the still image. Are there any plans to address the above issues?

Finally, the version that I'm on is v1.0.9 and I've not seen the bell icon notification for an updated version. However, from visiting the FB group, I see that the latest version is v1.0.15. My hard-drive crashed earlier this May and I had to replace it. Since then I've reinstalled the all programs including Gifzign. Do you know what could be the issue here? I'm on Windows 10 (64-bit) and using the latest version of Firefox (v55).

I would greatly appreciate your help with the above. Thanks much!

Hi AJ, 

I hope you're doing well. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Our current tutorial above (as of Aug. 14, 2017) is outdated. There has been a lot of changes to the user interface and on how it works. We will edit this tutorial using the new interface to avoid confusion. We'll let you know when ready.

Thank you.

Hi AJ, 

We've updated the Cinemagraph Tutorial.

Please check. Thank you.

Thanks John! I don't seem to have the bell icon notification for an updated version. Have you guys changed that? Do I need to uninstall the current version and do a fresh install on version 1.0.15?

Hi AJ, 

I am sorry about the issue.

I am not sure but at some times there are no notifications, probably due to the version you have. 

Yes, please uninstall the previous version before installing the new one. 


Thanks much John! Yeah, since v1.0.9 came out, I've not seen a bell icon notification. I'll uninstall and reinstall. Hopefully that should work. But I just wanted to give some quick feedback based on seeing the new UI from the new GIF instructional image posted above.

The three eye icons used in the Cinemagraph tab will still cause some confusion. One eye icon is for the still image, one is for the preview and the third one is for the show mask. I think for the still image, an image graphic icon should be used. For the mask button, use a mask icon. And for the preview, leave it as an eye icon.

Also, for the Erase and Brush, I think it would be better to have it as "Erase" and "Uneraze" or "Mask" and "Unmask". These are just my initial thoughts. I will install the new version and see how it works. Thanks again!

i've done some cinemagraph, but does not show preview and when downloaded, it shows blank.  i also downloaded newest version 1.0.15.  does anyone having the same problem?

Hi Eunice, 

I hope you're doing well.

Please try updating Adobe Air, you may download or update from here: 

hi John, thanks for getting back to me.  i already had old version uninstalled and installed the new for both adobe air and gifzign.  

Hi Eunice, 

Ok got it. Please email us your concern at and address it to Aleksey, our developer. This way we can have a better look at the issue. It would be great if you can add screenshots of the issue. 

Please let me know if you already sent an email so I can follow up Aleksey. Thank you.

It would be VERY helpful to have short videos that show the entire process. This Amusing Cinemagraph was not quite what I intended. I followed the steps, but there was no red line showing the area I was masking.  I tried a few times and got nowhere.

Part of the problem may be that once you know HOW to do this it becomes second nature. People like me who are getting started need to be shown every step.

Hi Simon, please check my comment above. Thank you.


what are the two red icons under "Masking" for ?


Hi Anael, 

The 2 red icons are like 'Show/Hide' buttons. The first one shows/hides the outlines of a still image (in red lines), the 2nd one(right one) shows/hides the brush cursor when erasing parts of the still.

You may select the still image/frame by using the 'S' tab under the timeline and clicking the eye button.

We will be improving this UI to make them more intuitive.