FAQ for Gifzign Beta Testers

Note: Beta Testers are those who bought Gifzign in between November 2016 and February 2017

Q1: I have purchased Gifzign Beta, what should I get?

First off we wanted to thank you for your support! 
As a beta customer, you have purchased access to all Gifzign core features for life for a one-time price.
This gives you access to:

- Lifetime access to Gifzign Creator, Editor, Player, 10 Mockups, Cinemagraph (current value: &27 http://getgifzign.com)
- Mockups: 200 extra mockups (current value: $47-$67 http://getgifzign.com/mockups)
- Club: 30 new mockups every month (value $120/year http://getgifzign.com/club) Total value = at least $194 the first year. $430 over the next 3 years.

If you think we delivered on our promise with Gifzign you may support us by purchasing the tribe offer, a marketing toolkit which is not part of the core features of the Gifzign software (http://getgifzign.com/tribe).

Q2: I was a beta tester, how do I get Gifzign?

If you haven't done so yet you'll need to claim your copy of Gifzign new release. To do so follow these steps:

1. Login to the new Gifzign members area

Go to http://gifzign.com/login

Use the same email you used to sign up to the beta site and password "thankyou"

2. Check out the installation and activation tutorials under Getting Started.

(An important thing to note is to uninstall Alpha Build first before downloading and installing the newest version of the app to avoid installation or any certification errors.)

If you have questions which were not covered in the details above, please feel free to comment on below and we'll do our best to get back to you as fast as we can. Thank you! :)

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7 replies

I purchased GifZign Beta on Dec 6, 2016 but have been unsuccessful in accessing the current update.  Evidently my password no longer works.  I have tried to reset it probably a dozen times this week, but I never get a reset link email to the email address I purchased the Beta version with.

I have also sent numerous messages to support@youzign.com asking for help over the last several days and have yet to receive a response to any of my messages.

I tried their chat support feature this evening, but again, no response.

Can you please tell me how to access the GifZign members area and how to get the GifZign update?

Hi Brian, 

I am sorry for the inconvenience and delay. I just sent your login details to your mail. Please check, thank you.

As I was not aware and did not receive any email.. I requested to reset password and did reset with new password but the api key is not working... islaxmi@gmail.com  and I bought gifzign on 8th Dec please help

Hi Is Laxmi,

Can you please email us at support@youzign.com so we can check out your account?
Thank you for your patience here.


Can i please be sent a - new password reset email, my id email is [hidden for security reasons]

The lost password page is there - and it is telling me to check my email inbox - but i am not receiving the email to reset it.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for contacting us here. Can you please try logging in using your registered email and password "thankyou"? 


Hi Michael,

Actually, you'll have to use the password "thankyou" to login. Please try and let me know..


I see, I actually tried logging in using your email ID and thankyou as password and it's working.
Can you please make sure you don't include any spaces or extra characters when you enter the password? Thank you! 

Okay i am in, thank you.

Hi Michael, 

Glad to know you can access it now! :) Thanks for the update.


Hi, I can;t log in with my email and thankyou

Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting in touch here. Can you please try using the reset password button and let me know?

Thanks and sincerely,


I am unable to login.. when I click on "Lost Your Password", it gives error. Please help. My email ID is corempur@gmail.com

Hi there, 

Sorry for the inconvenience. I sent a new login detail to your email. Please check. Thank you.

Hi Rose... still no. I've tried in both Chrome and Firefox.
My Public IP is [hidden] if you want to check that.

Hi Doug,

Thanks for the info. Can you please try accessing the page now and let us know.


Still no go... in Chrome or Firefox... the page is still timing out.

Hi Doug,

Can you please try logging in to gifzign.com/login now?
We've unblocked the public IP you shared. You should be able to access now.


Yes... all good now. Thank you.

Hi Doug, 

Awesome! Thanks heaps for the update! :)


Hello Bertrand - I'm not able to reach the login page...  ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

Hi Doug,

May I know if you can access gifzign.com/login now?