Gifzign Not Working

I have tried to get a file from my computer and also from YouTube and Vimeo all I get is the spinning wheel of death I did not have this problem before Today's update.

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Nothing happens when I click on the .Gifzign.exe file after I downloaded it.

Hi there, 

Sometimes an antivirus blocks the installation. Can you please try to disable the real time protection of your antivirus for some time and try installing again.

Thank you.

I'm having problems getting this to work for my 6 second logo video samples. At first it wasn't loading the video, so I checked for updates, and re-installed. Now it loads the video. I successfully created 2 gifs. I load the 3rd video, go to save, and it sits there spinning... finally have to close the program completely. Go back to load a new video and it does the SAME thing when trying to save it. Any suggestions?? Windows 10 64bit. 

Hi Lauren, 

Can you please try to upload other videos that are already in .mp4 format? (something that was not converted). We'll check if there are certain videos that needs to be re-rendered in a video editor before loaded to Gifzign. I remember we had a Beta issue of videos not uploading due to format/video encoding issue - and they had to be re-rendered just to be loaded to Gifzign.

Let me know, thank you.

Hi there

Has this been resolved? I'm finding the same issue. I have yet to save 1 video successfully.

Hi Allison, 

I am sorry for the inconvenience. Can you please try to disable antivirus for a moment and then try to load a Youtube/Vimeo URL? Let me know how it goes. Thank you.

hi there

ok done all of that but still cant get any youtube videos. I can upload videos though from my computer. I have also seen other posts that say that youtube downloader is not working. any solutions to this please?

Hi Lak, 

The developers are still looking into the issue. It is working on my end though. Long videos would take more loading time than shorter ones. 

We will update soon when a fix is ready. 

Hi Al, 

Sorry about the inconvenience and late response. Thanks for getting back to us and updating us with the issue. I am glad that it is solved. If the problem persists, feel free to comment on this thread.

Thank you.

Hi John, Donta here, Im having a problem getting the login info sent to my email. What can I do about this?

 signed up but never got email with password nor does reset passwod emails work

Hi Donta7, 

I am sorry for the inconvenience. We have an issue on the registration process.

I believe your accounts have been set up in our servers and you only need the login to access. Please use the 'Lost Password' feature on the Login Page. After submitting the form, a mail response will be sent to your email, be sure to check the Spam folder if you are not able to find it in your inbox. From there you can reset your password.

If there are no mail responses, let me know so that I could manually set up a login for you.

Thank you.

The problem has been solved my Bit Defender security program was causing the issue.

h i there

i am having the same issue. i have a suspicion that Bit Defender is causing it. How did you fix this and what did you change?


Thanks in advance

Hi Lak, 

You may need to disable the real time shield (if it has) for a moment while loading a youtube video. Let me know how it goes. Thank you.

Hi Lak

Try This

Check the Ransomware Protection Module and look at the blocked applications

click on and allow anything related to Gifzign

Blocked Application           Path

gifzign.exe                           c:\program files(x86)\gifzign

ffmpeg.exe                          c:\ program files (x86)\ assets\converter\bin

gifsicle.exe                           c:\ program files (x86)\ assets\converter\bin

youtube-dl.exe                     c:\ program files (x86)\ assets\converter\bin