Cinemagraph Edges too Sharp - Soften the Edges

When making a Cinemagraph, the edges seems a bit sharp making it easy to see the edge between still image and video, it would be nice if it could be softened (feathered) a little to make the edges less obvious to the eye.

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I've got rid of it, will recreate it and show you.


What I've also noticed is that I effectively need a TRIPOD for this .... every little shake of the camera is very noticeable.





Hi Arthur, 

Yes, it is highly recommended to use still videos (no shakes) for creating cinemagraphs. Shaky videos would not work well, even on other cinemagraph apps.



Any update on this John?

The difference is just SO, SO blatant, that videos a virtually unusable. 



Hi Arthur, 

There is no update on this feature yet but it will be added on the cinemagraph. 

Can you please show me an instance of a cinemagraph that you created through Gifzign?

Thank you.


Hi Kim, 

Thanks for the feedback, it's already in our plans. We will have a Soft setting for our brush on Cinemagraph. We will update soon.