Add more text editing options

Will you be adding more advanced text editing options in the future like adding shadows, glows, bevel, emboss etc?

What about adding stroke or a way to outline the text? That is very important.

Currently there's NOTHING in the way of text effects. Even just adding the shadow function and being able to customize that would be great.

Thank you,




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I have a feature request: Blur control for shadows, this would give us full control over the shadows.

Hi Kim, thanks for the feedback. This is noted. 

That would be awesome Bertrand!

Hi Charles,

You seem to refer to this:

To create this kind of textbox, just resize the text width with the side handles(pointed by red arrow, no need to hold 'Shift'). Please try when you get a chance. Let me know. Thanks.

I am unable to create Vertical text. I have tried to reduce the text box but the box just gets smaller and smaller, even if I use the shift key. I am on a Mac using Firefox and Chrome. Any help is appreciated. Right now I am reduced to have to create vertical text in another program save it as an image and uploading it to Youzign.

Hey Charles we dont currently support vertical text, sorry about this. We will do in the near future, likely before the summer. 

Good news! Text shadows and borders are currently in development, should be ready sometimes this week!  

Thanks for committing to this, Bertrand - it clears the block to purchase.

this no longer works for vertical text ... is there still a way to do it?

Hi Chris, 

There is a way to do it. Please see my comment above, I added a screenshot about it. Thanks!

I tried what you put above, that did not work either :(

Hi Chris, 

May I know the browser you're using for Youzign? Thanks

Would like request another feature to be added to your text improvement plans:  Ability to curve text, at least in sizable arcs, or even better, along a path.  Several times I've needed to do this, and taken an image out of Youzign that I've pretty much finished and then had to go to another program to do text.  

Thanks!  I love Youzign, but please keep improving it.. there are now other similar apps out there beginning to compete.

Hi Lisa, got it. Text path shape is already in our to-do list and I hope we can start implementing it as soon as possible. Thanks for reminding!

Exactly what I am hoping for as well. Photoshop can do this well (and of course I have Photoshop, but if I want to actually do that I'd have to go find some YouTube videos to learn how to do it correctly. Don't have time for that). I hope the planned text path shape can be pretty flexible, not just a simple curve or following the shape in a photo, but whatever crazy path we might give it. Maybe we want text to go up some stairs or similar. And definitely have it curve down at the top of a circle and curve up at the bottom of a circle. And the ability to make VERTICAL text is important too.

Hi Walter, 

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. We're currently working on the text-shape feature, we'll start on simple interface and capabilities for now, probably we can use complicated path or shapes in the future. Texts that curve up or down in a circle is possible. Also, we can add vertical text in Youzign, you just need to compress or reduce the text-area width until only one letter fits the width, please see this screenshot: http://prntscr.com/a4r6w8 , thanks!


This is a purchase block for me.   Thanks to Roger and others for letting me know that such a pivotal function is not currently available and for which there is no providable ETA.

Hi Faisal, thanks for the feedback. I hope we could have this feature soon. 

Guys your marketing is what dragged me here... within 5 minutes of using it i had to pull out of being a customer not being able to have ANY sort of text effects is something i cannot do without.... so when you get this under way ill be ready to take a look at it again... such a shame as this has potential :(

Hi Mitch, sorry about the inconvenience. We don't have these features for our text tool yet. It's still in our to-do list. For now developers are focused on fixing the current bugs in the app. Soon we will be able to style our texts. Thanks for reminding us.

If you could add some support for gradients too?

Hi there. Yes we're planning to add gradients on texts too. Thanks for the suggestions!

Hi Roger, thanks for the suggestions. These features are already on our to-do list, for now the text tool is just plain. We'd love to add outlines, shadows, etc. soon. Thanks again!