Unable to move the text, can this be updated?

Please update so we can move the text around.



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When will I be able to move the texts around? (now 4 months later....).

Hi Tony, 

The texts can be moved. Please update to version 1.0.15

Thank you.

Any plans to allow different fonts, outlines, shadows as well?

Hi Mike, 

Yes, we'll have more options like these in the future :)

Thanks for the suggestion! Keep them coming

Thank you John. I figured it out, need to save a project for them to become available. Where are the club membership products, are they still in production? Or located somewhere else? 


thanks again. 

Hi Lauren, 

The Mockups are still being implemented. The graphics are ready though, we just need to finish uploading. The Club will also follow. We will make updates soon. Thank you.

Hi Lauren, 

You may access the mockups on Gifzign desktop app under the Publish section. This can be applied on your existing GIFs through this button: 

However, we are a bit short of time on implementation. There's only a handful of mockup frames now but we will upload the rest today.

Thank you.

Thank you for your reply. Please advise where I can locate the OTOs I purchased: the Mockups and the club products? 

Hi Lauren, 

Thanks for the feedback. We will be updating this feature to enable the text to be moved.