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Capture screen captures whole screen


so, I just activated my purchase and am giving it a try to see how easy gifzign really is to use.

As I was trying to capture a gif by recording my screen, I noticed:

1. It's not intuitive to figure out how to move the red square around (which I would assume was to define which portion of screen you want to record – more on that later). It took me a few tries to figure out that the tiny black space in the lower right corner was used for that.

2. The recorded image is of my whole screen, not the red squared version. Is this supposed to be like that or is this an issue ? (as seen in attachment)

Thanks for your answers

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I have same issue, when I use the screen capture box to custom size, it captures the whole screen instead of the selected area. So the screen capture is quite useless unless capturing the whole screen.

Hi Joe, 

Sorry for the inconvenience. This is a known issue and the developers and working on it. We will update soon. Thank you.

Hi John,

Just to make sure: the red square is currently useless, is that right ?


Hi, I was able to adjust the size of the screen recorder and recorded only that part. 

Hi Anael, 

Sorry about these issues. We decided to use fullscreen recording due to some constraints. However if we can find a way around we will update these accordingly include the areas where we can click to move the selection. I got this noted, thank you.

Same here, so the screen capture gives me the whole screen wich is totally useless I can see the tool bar etc...

What up??

Hi Anne, 

I was wrong here. We are able to record our screen in any size. You may use the orange square handles to adjust the recording area. Let me know how it goes. Thank you.