Youzign Integration

You can now retrieve and use your Youzign designs inside the Gifzign app. Thanks to the Gifzign Youzign swift integration. Here is how to connect the 2 accounts:

1. Log into your Gifzign web platform dashboard.


2. Go to the Youzign integration section, bottom right


3. Click on Edit Settings


4. Enter your Youzign Public Key and Token (you can find them from your Youzign profile) then click on Save & Connect


5. Now load up your Gifzign desktop app, and click on Graphics


6. Click on the Youzign icon, and your designs will be retrieved for use


7. Click on any design and it will be added in your word area for use


You can drag the design to any position you want and resize accordingly to fit your project.


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4 replies

John, YES  have kept up with all of the updates so that I can learn each one as they are released. 


Got it Gene, we'll look into it. Thank you.

Hey, that was my problem before, I didt all but there is noc button graphic.

Greetings Jörn

Hi Jörn,

Have you installed the new update - 1.0.8 before integrating to Youzign?

Thank you, with 1.08 it works

You're welcome Jörn :) 

I am glad it's working on your end.

It's not working for me. With approx. 200 creations in YZ I thought it might take longer to load but still nothing. Gloria Cheever is having the same problem after integrating the two numbers and is going to get back to me when she has the solution.

Hi Gene,

Have you installed the new update - 1.0.8 before integrating to Youzign?