Gif can't be edited

When I look at my library of GIF where is the option to edit them ?

And why is my cinegraph showing the red masking line ? (see attachment)

That's a lot of issues for a software that's supposed to be out of BETA. The more I use it the more I feel that you're using your early customers as bug trackers. That's really poor business practices.

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Thank you for your quick answer

It's the only raison I had to consider GIFZIGN instead GIPHY :(

How can I ask for a refund ?

Hi there, 

I am sorry you had this experience with Gifzign.

For refunds please email us at support@youzign.com with your purchase details(if possible) and gifzign email. Thank you for your interest.

Hi Anael, 

The Edit feature for GIF will be added in the following months.

Thanks for spotting about the issue on the cinemagraph's mask outline showing on the GIF, as a workaround - please go back to the cinemagraph tab and turn off the red outline before rendering the GIF. I am sorry if this makes you create the GIF again.

I think we have not anticipated the current issues in Gifzign. Everything seems to work fine on our end, as well as on the Beta users before the launch. It seems we have not tested a lot in other devices running on 32 bit and on other Operating systems.

I am sorry if you have this experiences and feeling. But we can assure you that we will continue to improve Gifzign.

Thank you for your patience.


When will you launch edit feature ?


Hi there, 

I hope you're doing well.

I am sorry but as of now there is no definite timeframe to when the edit feature will be added.