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Please update my account

Ok Im confused overnight with your company one minute everything was fine next minute the bottom has dropped out 

1. You asked for user name and told me that my uploads should be restore (THIS HAS NOT HAPPEN) mycreditguy@gmail.com

2. I cant acesss the editing area from the first main page

3. My uploads are missing each day I see new strange photos in my back office

4. cant delete when editing

5. Im getting strange emails from Youzign from the support area...wow this is bad

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Hi Brian, 

I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Currently the developers are still working on the backend of the site to properly set the accounts. Once it's done users will be able to see their uploads and their designs. You will be seeing uploads that are not yours because user data are a bit mixed up for now. For items numbers 2 and 4, I will pass this issue to our Flash developer. And for number 5, we had a similar report of strange mails and we will check our support system to address the problem. 

Please update us if there are any further issues. Thank you for your patience