Video Frame video is not in frame and more

As you can see by the attachment the video is outside the frame.

I have tried other frames and on my other WordPress sites all running different plugins, all with the same result.

Also, I noticed that when I purchased it said single site use but I purchased the one day special for 9.99, will I have any issue using on unlimited sites like was advertised?



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Hi Michael, 

I hope you're doing well. May I know if you got the message from our Developer? He said he sent a code snippet.

Please let me know. Thank you.

Any word from the programmers about what I said when testing the solution they came up with 12 days ago???

Hi Michael, 

I am sorry for the inconvenience and delay in responding to you. Due to implementations being done on Gifzign the programmer will still have to check the details. I will make a follow-up on your request today. 

Thank you.

Is Version 1.0.1 | By YBM Properties the Latest version??? Just Checking!

I have tried the code on the Focus site that uses Divi Theme but still having the same issue.

Have the developer view post: Test Video Plugin he should see this


CSS is active he sent:

.videoframes-container .fluid-width-video-wrapper {
    width: 100%;
    position: relative;
    padding: 0;

? Have I Tried Other Themes ?   YES I Gave you Access to 2 sites having issues and Both use Different Themes.

Hi Michael, 

The developer has replied to your ticket. Please check when you get a chance. Thank you

Any update on this. None of the frames work on any of my sites. The video either overlaps frame, falls short inside of frame area or is misaligned in some fashion that makes it look terrible. The plugin is completely unusable.

Hi Luke, 

I am sorry about the inconvenience. Have you tried using other themes?

Hi Luke, 

Can I have the link to your page where the vidframe is not working well please? Thank you.


John, I sent it again to the support@yousign.com I had replied to your support ticket the first time around.

You should have it now for both sites to see why it's not working correctly.

Hi Michael, 

Thank you for sending it again. I received your ticket, I will present it to our developer. 

Any word from the developers on this John?

It's coming up on time to pull the plug and get a refund if not.

Let me know,


Hi Michael, 

I am not able to find your message. May I know the email you used? Thank you.

Hi John,

I have emailed logins for both sites so your support people can find out why this is happening if different ways on these sites.



Hi Michael, 

I hope you're doing well. I am sorry for the delay.

I got the links and presented it to the developer. However the developer would need to have a closer look so we would like to request an access to the admin side of your website, perhaps ftp details as well if that's alright. Please send it to support@youzign.com and I'll address it to our developer.

Thank you.

Looks like you want more proof.

Here are 2 sites using different Themes and Plugin mix samples:



Note the second one does not show the frame at all.

Any word on fixing this?

Any word on this?

I can't be the only one with this problem, what can be done to fix this?

Hi Michael, 

Can you please try to switch themes just so we can check if it affects the Vidframe plugin. Also, can you provide the link of your website or the page where you applied the Vidframe? Thank you.

Hi Michael, 

Can you please try to switch themes just so we can check if it affects the Vidframe plugin. Also, can you provide the link of your website or the page where you applied the Vidframe? Thank you.

Is there any word on this issue, are you going to update the WordPress plugin before the refund time runs out?

Is there a Workaround?

Some help on this would be appreciated 

Hi Michael, 

Sorry for the delay, I'll follow up with our developer.

Hi Michael, 

I am sorry about the inconvenience caused by the issues. I have reported your issue to our developer, we will get back to you. Thank you.

I now have tested in the WordPress Atahualpa theme and it shows NO Frame at all. 

So far 3 different themes and sites with different plugins loaded.

Here is the link and what it produced, and yes I'm in the Visual Editor.

[videoframes src="https://youtu.be/baU6Q9MnD-Q" skin="34" headline_text="DOUGLAS DC-6B PAN AMERICAN GIGANTIC RC AIRLINER" headline_color="#000000" headline_size="22"]