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I bought Gifzign on Apr 3, plus OTO; however, my software is blank no instruction how to use it. I tried to upload my own video and I couldn't upload it - see screenshot.  The member area dashboard is empty.  I bought OTO but I didn't get a single mockup see screenshot attached.

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I hate to say it, but you guys may have a great software but the worst how to & training. 

Hi Piere, 

I hope you're doing well.

You may check out our training articles and webinar replays on this page: https://support.youzign.com/s2-gifzign/knowledgebase

If you need more help on using some of the features, we would be glad to help you on that. 

You may also join our Facebook group of Gifzign users to learn some tips and tricks: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1296799547009421/

I hope this helps. Thank you.

Hi Amara, 

Your screenshot tells that you have not created any GIFs yet, this is common to everyone on their first try of Gifzign. To start with, upload a video by clicking the Plus Button:

From here, you can choose how to upload videos, either through Youtube/Video links, from your local files or from recording your screen:

Once you've saved your first GIF in Gifzign, you can access the mockup through the Mockup button:


Let me know how it goes. Thank you.

what if I only wants to download pictures?

Hi Piere, 

Do you mean you wanted to use pictures in a slideshow instead of a video? That's not possible in Gifzign, however we lined it up on the features that can be developed in the future.