I am lost... lost...

I have been away for few months, not  able to work.  Now I am ready to form and work with my equip.  First, I am not even able to get my desktop to start to work with my Youzing Agency that I bought for life time.  I have a partner which is not anymore in my profile. I have two more partners to add to my group.  2 - You have changed de description of my profile. There is nothing there. 3 - How can I access to the replay of the   tutos  I missed?  I am very lost I have not been able to follow all the changements you made.  Please help me to get back so I can restart with my people.

Please help me to get back so I can restart with my Yousing Agency.   And work with my partners...

Thank you very  much to answer to that particular problem... Érika Boulanger

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Hi John,

Everything is OK now.  I am using Chrome as you suggest and all is under control..  My partner is still there and   I have added 2 more partners.  Thank you so much, you really give a prompt and good service to your customers.  I am very glad.... 


Hi Érika,

You are welcome, I am glad that everything's working well on your end now. 

I appreciate you for updating us here. Thank you.


Hi Erika, 

I am sorry about the inconvenience. 

1. On your first issue, are you not able to load the Youzign editor? Do you get a black screen? Are you using Google Chrome browser for Youzign? Is your lost partner still subcribed to Youzign? Can you please send here his/her youzign email.

2. Can you specify which information or details were changed? Because we do not change descriptions of our users. Let us know of the needed changes and we will update it accordingly.

3. For webinar/tutorial replays, you may check them here: http://support.youzign.com/s1-youzign/knowledgebase/top/c6-webinar-replays 

Thank you.