Is there a problem using the emoticons on designs for products?

I am concerned about using the emoticons in my designs. Once, and only once, when I was tweaking a design there was a pop up that said something about copyright. I had used a few of them on a design for products and now I am not sure whether I can use them. I tried to see if there was anything on the images which would tell me but couldn't find it. I want to launch these products but am afraid to for the moment.

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Thanks Yes. That was helpful. Can;t use the designs for now but that is fine. Better than finding out later.


You're welcome Carolyn, just let me know if you have further questions. Thank you.

Hi Carolyn, 

Yes we have a pop-up for the Emoticons about their licenses. Our emoticons consists of 6 Facebook Emoticons and the rest are from Emoji one. The following are their license information:

Facebook: https://en.facebookbrand.com/assets/reactions

EmojiOne: http://emojione.com/licensing/#attribution

I hope this helps. Thank you.