Unable to move or modify items

Hi all,

I can't move or modify any items in any design. 

I CAN create a new design and open a previously created design (so it's NOT the black screen error that many are reporting).

I'm using a Chromebook with:

- Chrome OS Version 59.0.3071.35 dev (64-bit)

- Adobe Flash Player - Version:



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Hi - did you do anything? After the latest update from Chrome OS (Version 60.0.3100.0) that I just installed, all is working fine! 

Hi Nicolas, 

I am sorry for the delay on getting back to you. No, we haven't done anything yet, perhaps the update has helped. Do you manually update your Chrome OS? About the Skype call I was actually going to refer you to Abhi and you mentioned that he was not able to help you. 

Thanks for updating us here. I'm glad that it's working well now. In case the issue comes back, please let us know.

Thank you.

Skype is not supported by Chrome OS. Hangouts is though. I can be found under [some contents hidden].  Abhi contacted me a few days ago and could not help me. I really need to get Youzign to work... I rely on it for my agency. Thanks, Nicolas

Still having the issue... Can anyone here help me out?  I was using youzign daily and that's been a week now that I'm completely stuck! 

Hi Nicolas, 

Are you able to have a skype call? Chrome OS is new to us and it would be better if one of our developers can have a support call with you to have a better look at the issue. 

Please let us know. Thank you.

I cleared my cache already twice.  I can't use any other browser, it's a CHROMEBOOK. And I said it was NOT the black screen issue...  

Hi, yes I understand that it's not a black screen issue, but it could have disabled the Flash Plugin in a way.

Hi John,

I tried many times to refresh.... And there is no F buttons on a chromebook.



Hi, can you try clearing your brower's cache maybe or trying other browsers like Firefox?

If the freeze is still there, consider checking whether the flash player is disabled: http://support.youzign.com/i2253-black-screen-when-loading-youzign-editor 

Thank you.

Hi Nicolas, 

I am sorry you have this experience. Can you please try to refresh the browser. Usually freezes like these go away after a refresh or a force refresh (Ctrl+F5).

Let me know how it goes. Thank you.