Damaged File


I wanted to install the latest version 1011 but I get an error that the instalation file is damaged, can you sent me a new one? Mac version.



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Hey John,

CCleaner didn't work out for me but removed everything from Gifzign and tha it worked well for me. Thanks for your help :)

Hi Ag, 

Awesome! Thanks for getting back to us. I'm glad it worked now.

For now we should remove previous versions first before installing the new one. We will implement an auto-update soon.

Thank you

Hi Ag, 

I am sorry you had this experience.

Please uninstall the previous version first before installing the new one. If you're on Mac, you might want to uninstall with the help of a 3rd party tool, such as Ccleaner. 

Let me know how it goes. Thank you.