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Free one year link not working

My friend Rich OBrien told me about your service and would I like to try it free for a year he told me he has about 16 licenses so he sent me a link to sign up :[Youzign] Team Invitation
Youzign <support@youzign.com>
May 16 (3 days ago)

to me

You have received an invitation to a Youzign team.

Here is your IM Phenom Bonus. Congrats!

Click the link below to accept the invitation and register to Youzign:


Thank you, Youzign: But the link does not work

My name is :william moseley my email is : williammoseley60@gmail.com

And Rich OBrien email is : wealthwithrich@gmail.com

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Hi William, 

I am sorry for the delay and inconvenience. There was a registration page that was broken.

It is now fixed, can you please try again? Maybe using a new invitation.

Please let me know how it goes. Thank you.