Unable to register Gifzign

I am unable to register Gifzign that I purchased on March 21.   Please advise.

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Hi John, yes... API Key. It was not showing so that I could put it in the box after downloading the software, but no worries, support corrected it and API Key was there this morning when I logged in.

Now to watch some video's or read up on how to create the GIF'S and find out how to get my referral link to share this.

Thx John

Hi Katherine, 

Thanks for getting back here. I'm glad that it's all well now.

Enjoy working with Gifzign!

PLEASE HELP, support had to send me log in details because no matter what I tried I could not log in, but now have logged in and downloaded the software, but no matter what I try, the KEY does not copy... now what do I do?

Hi Katherine, 

I'm sorry but may I know what you mean about the 'KEY does not copy'? Is pasting disabled in the Gifzign app? Have you installed the app successfully?

Hi John,

I have tried that and even requested a new password, but it just tells me this...

ERROR: There is no user registered with that email address.

Plus I only received the offer yesterday to purchase this and now only a matter of hrs left to share with others, good thing I really enjoy Youzign so much or I would not have bothered with jumping thru all these hoops to gain access to my purchased product, nor would I want to try and direct people thru all this if they purchased off my affiliate link.

Now how do I get in or contact seeing it's saying my user name is not registered?

Thx for your help John

I work soon till 9:30pm EST so will be late by the time I even get back to a reply if there's one


As same problem, I unable to create a Login account

Proof Purchase Details:
[some contents hidden]

Help me fix it


Hi Tran, 

I hope you're doing well. I sent your login details to your email. Please check. Thank you.


Purchased GifZign but unable to create a Login account, it's like this idiot support area that goes around and around in circles.

Can someone help me out here?

Hi Alan, 

I hope you're doing well. I sent your login details to your email. Please check. Thank you.

Hi Alan, 

Sorry for the inconvenience. I was notified by support that you have been refunded. In line with this, I will be cancelling the account I set up for you. 

Thank you for trying out Gifzign

Hi Scott!

I'm sorry to hear you have had some trouble creating your GifZIgn account!

I have sent an email regarding your login - please let me know if you are not able to find it.

I just purchased the Gifzign, but all I received was log in details for my purchase and nothing else... how do I even log in or get the info for my account or do I have to go somewhere to create an account now... HELP PLEASE?

Don't understand why all this info is not sent when you purchase the product? No one should have to just thru these hoops to get access to what they purchased.

I went thru the same crap when I purchase Youzign a yr ago, would of thought as smart as these designers are, the emails and support for what is required would of gotten better since then.

Hi Katherine, 

I am sorry you had this experience with Gifzign and Youzign.

Please login to this url: http://gifzign.com/login using the login details. Once you get in your account, you may download Gifzign and Install to your computer. 

Here are some tutorials on how to get started in Gifzign: https://support.youzign.com/s2-gifzign/knowledgebase/top/c8-getting-started .

Let me know how it goes.

Thank you.