Download images directly from the Youzign Editor

I create a lot of images with YouZign that I then use in other YouZign images.  Is there a way to access my Youzign created images directly without having to download them and then upload them to the uploads area?  Am I missing something?  

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Thanks for the update.  I was thinking I was missing something but guess not....I'll continue to do it that way.

Thanks for a really great photo product.

Got it! You're most welcome Bobby

Hi Bobby, 

Thanks for the feedback. For now, we will need to download our youzign images/designs first before we can upload them to our library. We'll see if we could implement a helpful feature to enable youzigns designs to be added to the uploads library. Thanks!

Hello John. Is there a way to change the backgrounds ?? I dont mean the mockups but the backgrounds . I really dont luke the designs and would rather use my own.