*New* You can now download your designs in JPG and PDF formats

Good news!

You can now export your designs in JPG and PDF formats in Youzign.

Here is a quick guide on when to use each format:

PNG ( Portable Network Graphics )

Best used for:

- web images such as logos that involve transparency and fading

- images in the middle of an editing process

- complex images if the file size is not an issue 

JPG ( Joint Photographic Group )

Best used for:

- still images

- real world images such as photos

- complex coloring

- shading of light and dark

- websites that require lower file size images

PDF ( Portable Document Format )

- works on any device such as smartphones and tablets

Best used for:

- online documents

- prints such as magazines, brochures, resumes, flyers, etc

How to export your design in JPG and PDF format