New Blog Post: 19 Hypnotic Cinemagraph Samples To Inspire You

What do you get when you combine a high-resolution photograph, a bit of animation of a video and then put it in a snackable GIF file size format?

If your guess is a cinemagraph, then ka-boom! You got it right.

A cinemagraph is a series of images with subtle and repeating motions forming a loop. This makes it look like an animated video but, it’s actually a still image commonly published as a GIF file.

This medium was created by US fashion photographer Jamie Beckin in collaboration with motion graphics designer Kevin Burg in 2011. These two were looking for a fresh new way to showcase Jamie’s photographs in such a way that will preserve a glimpse of time when these shots were taken.

Since then, this technique of letting photos come alive continue to rapidly influence the visual marketing industry both online and offline. There’s no question how the fashion, travel, and lifestyle niche heads up by the big brands like Mercedez-Benz, Apple, Motorola, Coca-Cola amongst others are...

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