Is there a reason I've needed to ask for a refund for three days and it hasn't happened?

I bought Pagezign, right out of the box it doesn't integrate with Youzign (i get some error) and nothing shows up on my site. After communicating with support and being told my issue is being sent to the tech team, i heard nothing for 5 days. I'm over it. Dont' want it. I go into chat with support, not coming into the forums and going ballistic (as I am pretty much doing now) and ask for a refund on Tuesday. Bonnie is very concerned she can't find the ticket nor the email. I'm happy to help chase down an error in the system. I send another email on Wednesday and reconfirm i'm looking for the refund. Yesterday she still never sees the email, so i send her screenshots of her initial reply. Today no one answers. 

Refund. Now. Not Monday. Now. I've got time to send emails and screenshots, you got time to hit the button. 

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John, the issue was pagezign. I've been a youzign customer since I believe the day it was released and don't plan on going anywhere. Thank you for resolution

Hi Thomas, 

I am sorry, I thought it was Youzign. I assume it was Pagezign that Bonnie refunded.

Thanks for getting back here. I appreciate it. 

Hi Thomas, 

I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Bonnie has refunded you today. Please check when you get a chance.

Thank you for trying out Youzign.