[New Blog Post] 4 Handy Yet Little-Known Features Of The Background Eraser Tool

If you’ve been youzigning for quite a while now, I’m pretty sure you’ve also experienced that magical moment the first time you got your hands on youzign’s magic wand – The Background Eraser tool!

Being able to achieve an isolated image with a transparent background in just a few strokes of green and red, it gave us the power to beat Neil Armstrong to the moon or send our friends to the most remote regions of the planet! Wahooo! : )

Thanks to this powerful integration with Clipping Magic, you can easily clip images for your product catalogs, quote graphics, hero banners and other marketing creatives without the need to learn complicated tools like Photoshop.

And if you think the magic ends with the key markers alone, you’re missing half the fun! Since not all images are created equal, you need to fuel up your spells for cutting out images with low contrast, faint edges, or noisy backgrounds...

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