Really Love this program

I have been having a few issues with the speed of the program and the difficulty when creating complicated multi element designs but... I really love the program and even though I would like to get this fixed asap, I love using it. :-)

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Hi Llyod,

It sounds like you may have some trouble local to your system.

It is possible there is a plugin conflict, or your browser needs updating and checking the Adobe Flash player is always a good idea to ensure it has not become corrupt.

I made a video that will show that in one minute 41 seconds I was able to title my design, save and take my time browsing my files and complete an upload to Youzign.

Using an incognito window (Chrome) and a Private Browsing window (FireFox) - you will be able to check for plugin/extension conflicts editing in Youzign (As long as in your settings you have not allowed plugins/extensions through)

Try updating your browser (Please use Chrome or FireFox for Youzign only) and reinstalling the Adobe Flash player and take the settings off of the default of allow and set for the Youzign site to "Always Allow"

I hope this can help for you!