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Wordpress Broken images


Look at the attachment, this is what i see during a wordpress post editor, images are not visible and "Add" is not functional

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Hi there, 

I am very sorry I overlooked your comments on this post. May I know if you continue to experience this issue? For 6 months we have made updates on the Wordpress plugin. This issue might have been fixed. Please check on your end when you get a chance. Thank you.

Hi john,

It never have been fixed, still waiting for this fix and a lot of improvement of the wordpress plugin

In fact broken placeholders are instead the images.

Images are not visible and can't be attached to the post

Sorry, do you have an email address where i can send it to you?

Yes, please send to john@ymbproperties.com , thanks!

Hi there, 

Thanks for the feedback however I am not able to see the attachment you mentioned. Please attach on this thread when ready. Thank you.