can't login

 Hi there,

   I bought Gigzign this evening,  but can't get the login detail can you please send me the login

  detail   So please send me the Login detail. 


  Shahid Husain

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Hi Shahid, 

I am sorry for the inconvenience.

I was not able to find your email in our users list. Please send us a ticket or request to support@youzign.com. Please also include your Youzign email and payment/transaction ID of the purchase. This way we can handle your details privately.

We will setup your account and send you the login information as soon as we get the details. Thank you.

    Hello there,

  Can someone reply to my ticket please.  As i bought Gifzign and  can't  do anything as havent got the password to login



   Hi there,

  I email the detail to the support email address.


Thank you Shahid. I followed up your request.