I am unable to use Gifzign on my PC

Hi there,

Few days back I purchased Gifzign, but unfortunately, I didn't use for single time, because when I click on save button, the process starts and it stuck in middle (Please check attached file) 

So I have not used this single time, either fix this or return my money.

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unfortunately still not able to create gif file, I noticed that It can only create .mp4 file.

please tell me how to fix this. 

Today I uploaded 4 images (.png format)

and after clicking on save button, it starts processing which never ends.

Hi Navjeet!

Thanks for reaching out to us. I have received your other message in the Gifzign support desk.

From your screenshot, I am seeing that your video to create your gif is over 5 minutes long and you have shortened the duration of the gif to about 5 seconds. 

For a faster rendering time, please create a gif from a shorter video. You can find many free video editing programs to achieve easy edits.

My favorite is Cyberlink PowerDirector. They had a giveaway of their Lite version of 13 for free recently, not all features are there, but enough to make re-renders and other great video edits such as clipping videos!

Here is the link if you would like to check it out:


I hope this information can help!

I am waiting for your reply, Please fix my problem

I am using windows 7-Ultimate 32 bit

Hi Navjeet, 

I hope you're doing well. 

I am sorry you had this experience when using Gifzign. May I know your operating system and the architecture it uses (ex. 32 or 64 bit) ? 

Thank you.