I was told to contact this url because I can't access Clipman -- what do I do now? Tom Walker - walkertom@cox.net

I received access info to Clipman but I am still unable to access the software

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Good Morning everybody --- just me again --- ok I payed quite a bit of money some time ago to be one of the first to have access to an App called Clipman -- I actually was able to access it once and use it and it was quite spectacular but having some growing pains --- I tried to access it again this morning and my access was denied (I initially accessed is through my status witn Youzing).   I can find no way to access them for assistance -- can someone at this address PLEASE help???  I beleive that my access point at Clipman was a person named Ellen who really tried to assist.  Thanks, Tom

Hi Tom, 

I am sorry for the inconvenience and delay in this response. Has your request been sorted out? Thank you.

It's been two fdays now with zero response   - can you at least let me know that someone is checking out this issue? Tom Walker