I am not getting Mockups what I should get.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I bought Gifzign, Gifzign Mockups, and Gifzign Club from March to now (December).

I am not getting Mockups what I should get. 
I should get 200 Mockups plus 30 Mockups every month. 
In the member's page, club is described as "Buy Now". 
My club may not be processed properly. 
Please check this matter and let me have Mockups what I should.  There are only 200 Mockups.  No monthly Club Mockups.  I'm still billed every month.  Totally 10 months.

Best Regards,

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Hi John,

I think it should be 200(first order)+270(next 9 months)=470 templates, not 270 only.

Hi Nova,

I hope you're doing well. I am sorry for the inconvenience and delay.

The club started its first batch production from March and completed on April. That's 9 months of 30 templates. You should have 270 templates in all, however due to some delays we were not able to catch up with the quota. The graphics are already completed but we're still waiting for the developer to complete the upload of the mockups to the app version.