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Youzign Authentication Still Not Working

I first raised this in November 2017.  See the text below

I first noticed this problem on 7 November. I have checked the Public Key and Token and tried to enter the information again. I always get the same error message.

The website is with GoDaddy WP Hosting. I have flushed the GoDaddy cache.

I instaled Autoptimize and WP-Optimize on 7 November.

What do you suggest?


 I did get a response from Bonnie who told me my request had been transferred to your technical department. I sent an email to support@youzign.com attention of  Bartosz. I have not received any response. I did not get any response and after 5 days I sent another email to Bonnie on 30 November 2017. Still nothing.

Would someone please respond!



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Eight months have passed and the problem has still not been fixed. This is most frustrating!

I contacted GoDaddy. One website is WP Hosting and another is cPanel. It cannot be the server and the websites are on different versions of PHP.  I have recently moved from GoDaddy cPanel to GlowHost cPanel and I get the same result when trying to authenticate Youzign.

Why is it taking so long for your technical team to resolve this?



Could someone from Youzign please respond?

Authentication on additional sites is still an issue.  When will this be resolved?

Hi Simon,

I actually asked for an update from our dev't team yesterday. We are already doing tests on the new version of the Youzign WP plugin, and it's already working regarding authentication, etc.

It's just that we need to fix some bugs before we release it. I will let you know here once it's already available.

Thanks and sincerely,

Thanks for the update. I look forward to getting some good news from you.

Hi Simon,

Our sincere apologies for the delay in sending you an update here.
Bonnie has been away from her desk since 31st of December.

Our technical team is still working on theYouzign WP plugin. 

I will send a follow up to the ticket you sent.


Thanks, Rose. I posted to the Facebook Group as I was not getting any response to my emails or to using the Support Forum.

I look forward to hearing from you when you have news to share.