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Multiple Issues


#1 When I log-in to my account it indicates I have no templates.

I purchased $60 worth of templates, but they are not in my account.

Please see attached receipt. Review & advise.

#2 Is there an update for this software? I am having the hardest time use the text element. Sometimes it works & other times it just locks up?

#3 Also, what's the status of the logo integration? I am trying to create a log, but I can't get the text editor to seamlessly work, it keeps locking up.

Please review & advise.


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Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch here. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
#1 I have successfully restored 1200 templates on your account. 

#2 We just pushed two major updates on Youzign last December: Server transfer and the rollout of Youzign 3.0 with Marketplace. So yes, we continue to push updates in the program to improve overall user experience. However, we should also expect bugs during updates.
When you mention the text locks up, do you mean freeze or it suddenly becomes immovable? 
Do you experience this for all fonts you use?

#3 Please try force refreshing your browser ( ctrl+f5). We just pushed a few fixes in the past few hours, the lockups could be caused by the previous issues we had. Regarding the logo maker integration, we have already released Logozign ( Logozign.com ) it is still in beta. You can join the beta testers or wait 'til we release it to the public in the next few weeks. 

Have you tried using the logo groups inside Youzign yet? => https://youzign.helprace.com/i1565-how-to-use-the-logo-groups-to-create-logos-fast

Thanks and sincerely,