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I have the same problem with my authentication ...


Same issue here.  Unable to authtenticate YouZign plugin.  No spaces before or after the public key and token.  They are copied and pasted perfected.  Uninstalled, reinstalled and activated YouZign plugin. Spoke with YouZign chat support and provided my website credentials.  Haven't heard back since.  Website with issues is "internetmarketingsecrets.org"  Thanks for any help you can provide.  

I am still waiting for a response.  Still unable to authenticate YouZign Pro Developer's License on additional sites.  Waiting for a response please!

i have the same problem - suddenly on one of the websites - it doesn't authenticate the youzign app

Hi Elad,

Thanks for the report here. Please submit a private ticket to support@youzign.com so that our WP developer can look into it.


Hi together,

same problem - see also my request #668

please try to fix this bug urgently

Hi Katja, 

I have made a response to your ticket which is related to this post. I will follow up the developers with this issue. Thanks for bearing with us.